For The Soul: 6 Kick-Ass Women To Help You With Your Business And Your Life


Now, ironically enough, I’m not usually the type to pick up a self-help book, read advice blogs or buy into the “Take My E-course! X Tips for Tripling Your Biz’s Income This Year” thang.

In the past I’ve typically just relied on my own self-awareness or intuition when it comes to feeling driven with my business or balanced in my life.

However, late last year someone introduced me to the wonderful treasure trove of inspiration that is Marie Forleo. Apparently I had been living under a rock because it turns out Marie is like a pretty big deal (a quick visit to her website reveals sidebar photos of interviews with Oprah and Richard Branson, so YEAH, she knows what she’s doing or whatever). On her blog, Marie offers up very practical, very relatable advice for business, money, life, health – everything.

From then on I started to really change my perspective on seeking out this type of “self-improvement” content. When we get into this mentality of “I can do it all myself,” we close ourselves off to truly transformational changes in our psyche.

It’s not just about pursuing happiness; I think it’s also about “hacking happiness” – taking tips and tricks from as many sources as possible and using the ones that are right for you to live a happier, more vibrant life.

Now that I’ve found some women that I really relate to, I’ve been thinking of it less like I’m just checking off to-do lists from these life and business guides I admire, and more like I’m creating this inner circle of girlfriends out there that are constantly encouraging me, pushing me and reminding me of my potential. (Okay, granted, it vaguely resembles an inner circle of imaginary friends because most of them don’t know who I am but WHATEVER. What’s the internet for if not to pretend you have more friends than you do? AMIRITE?)

Each one of these women has their own unique style, subject matter and voice, but the thing that threads them all together (and likely the reason why they’re my new internet BFFs) is that they aren’t afraid to be who they are. They weave their personalities into their advice and I appreciate each of them for that.

Maybe you don’t connect with each of these women the way that I do, and that’s totally okay. I just encourage you to seek out those cheerleaders and sources of inspiration that might help encourage you to live purposefully on a regular basis. It has made all the difference in my life. (Head’s up: those people can be REAL FRIENDS too, not just internet ones. I’m lucky enough to say I have both!) Here are 6 that I find to be wildly inspirational:

1. Marie Forleo of

Focus: Business, Life, Money, All-Around Wellness

The thing I immediately connected with about Marie is that she balances being a confident guide and a real person so well. When she gives advice, it’s in these bite-sized tiny tips that are easy to digest and she delivers them so confidently that I feel empowered when I receive them, but she’s also real enough that I don’t feel intimidated or turned off by her info. Her videos are full of cheesy interludes, outtakes, and hilarious catch-phrases – you get the sense she doesn’t take herself too seriously which I love.

Go-To Link To Check Out: Last night I watched Marie’s interview with another lovely woman on my list, Kate Northrup, and I highly recommend it. Four Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside And Out (watch below!)

2. Kate Northrup of

Focus: Money & Abundance

So, Kate is a new addition to my inner circle. Last night after I watched the video above, I went on like an hour-long binge of Kate videos and blog posts and home girl is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. She uses all these yummy self-awareness words that scare most people but that are CLUTCH when it comes to living a purposeful life: abundant, rich, value, worth.

Money can be a really scary and negative thing. Kate’s gift is her ability to get to the heart of what money really is for each of us and to offer practical tips on how to flip that experience into a positive one. I will definitely be picking up her book, Money: A Love Story, and I’ve already decided we’re full-on soul sister besties. Yeah, Kate. That happened.

Go-To Link To Check Out: I love this latest post on Kate’s blog: Why I’m Leaning Back This Year Instead Of Leaning In. This line stuck with me especially, ” ‘You need to learn how to stop validating your existence through action.’ ” Powerful stuff and chock full of great reminders.

3. Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

Focus: Small Business Tips & Kick-Ass Copywriting

Yep, Ash is about as appropriate as “The Middle Finger Project” sounds. Which is what I LOVE about her. Completely irreverent, totally inappropriate, and utterly brilliant. Her email newsletter is one of the very few that I read through and through every single time because the writing is laugh out loud funny and helpful too.

The idea of “small business advice” kind of sounds like a yawn fest to me, but her metaphors and expletives and randomness makes it not only bearable but wildly entertaining. She’s powerful, unapologetic and smart as hell. Whenever I feel like I’m getting too formal and watered-down in my writing (my milisecond-long stint in the corporate world still comes back to haunt me from time to time), her copy reminds me to bring my sense of humor back into things.

Go-To Link To Check Out: Even the FAQs (or should I say WTFAQs) on her website are hilarious. Check these out and you’ll get a sense of why you need to sign up for her newsletter: The Middle Finger Project FAQ Page.

4. Dr.Brené Brown of and Daring Greatly

Focus: Vulnerability, Joy, Self-Awareness

Brené, Brené, Brené. Is it weird that I just love her name? I can’t say enough incredible things about her work and her authenticity. You may have seen this TEDx talk that made the rounds a while back which catapulted Brené into the mainstream, which is where I first discovered her as well.

She has spent years and years researching stories of shame and vulnerability to uncover somewhat universal human truths we can relate to. I love adding her to the mix because Brené is first and foremost an academic. She’s a researcher. (She has a freaking DOCTORATE for pete’s sake!) So I love how in her work you can see how she approaches things with this added perspective of “data,” but how she brings such heart to that data with tales of her own personal struggles with vulnerability. I’m half-way through her book right now, and there have been so many “I HAVE to write that down” moments already.

Go-To Link To Check Out: I have about five Brené videos that each inspire me in different ways, but in the interest of catering to your busy schedule, I’d check out this short clip of her with Oprah talking about joy, gratitude & fear. Some unexpected, but highly insightful observations.

5. Pam Slim of Escape From Cubicle Nation

Focus: Purpose & Pursuing Your Passion

Pam Slim I have actually had the pleasure of meeting in person and she is truly one of the most grateful, authentic human beings I’ve ever met. Pam is all about helping people uncover what their passions, values + beliefs are and then helping them succeed at turning that into a business. Jason actually just finished her latest book, Body of Work, and he absolutely loved it. (See! These kick-ass females aren’t JUST for other kick-ass females! Guys… they’re for you too!) Her blog is full of great, actionable tips for you if you’re trying to uncover your true passion and maybe leave a job or situation that doesn’t speak to your true self. Her perspective is unique to this list I think because she expertly combines self-awareness with business and marketing tips (something so crucial if you’re an entrepreneur of any kind!)

Side note: Pam also shares a TON of uplifting, interesting and funny content on Facebook, so I would recommend subscribing to her profile!

Go-To Link To Check Out: Again, so much great stuff from Pam but in the interest of time I’d check out this short clip from a talk she did for creativeLIVE: Pam Slim’s Tips for PinPointing Who Your Business Is Meant To Serve.

6. Tiffany Han of Tiffany Han Coaching

Focus: Truth & Positive Energy for “Highly Creative People”

I was first introduced to Tiffany’s awesomeness through her regular guest posts on my talented friend Brittni’s blog, Paper + Stitch. Tiffany had awesomely practical tips for creative entrepreneurs, and I instantly fell in love with her No-BS writing style and her tangible advice that always seemed to speak right to what I was going through. She’s a ray of truth-talking sunshine, and she’ll kick your butt into gear.

Go-To Link To Check Out: You can read up on all Tiffany’s posts on Paper + Stitch which I originally fell in love with here: Tiffany on Paper + Stitch.

That’s it. Those are my go-to ladies when I need to kick my life, my business, mySELF up a notch. Do you have great people and resources online that you seek out for this kind of advice? If so please let me know in the comments! I’d love to know what you guys think!


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