Abstract Affirmations Daily Now Has Its Own Blog

I'm only three weeks in and already the Abstract Affirmations Daily project has been quite the learning experience. 

(If you're wondering what the heck I'm referring to, check out my 2016 art project here.)

There have been moments where I feel completely excited to send a piece out into the world, and moments where I feel completely terrified that I'm all out of inspiration and Why in the world did I think I could do this every day for a whole year

Whatever doubts and fears pop up though, I can feel myself stretching creatively and that's always a great feeling in my book.


One thing I did NOT totally foresee was how each daily piece serves as a sort of mental snapshot of my day and, together, they read as a collective art journal for 2016. 

Originally my idea was to post a recap of each week's daily pieces here on this blog, but since then I've realized that I want a more substantial and permanent home to house this collection of daily thoughts.

Enter... the Abstract Affirmations blog feed.

I've started a separate blog here on MadeVibrant.com to house each daily art piece and its accompanying caption.

If you want a way to follow along without checking Instagram everyday, this is it! Just pop over to the feed and subscribe using any of your favorite blog readers (Feedly, Bloglovin', etc.)

You can also sign up for my Thursday art updates via email in which I'll be taking you along on the journey to launching the print shop (and all the fun challenges associated with that!) Plus you'll also get a free printable Abstract Affirmation when you sign up!

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That's it! Thanks to you all for continuing to support my art and my various projects! It means the world to me. I hope each of the daily art pieces continue to bring daily insights and COLOR to your life!