Freebie Friday: Intentional Balance Worksheet


Achieving balance in the various facets of our busy lives is a noble, but formidable task.

I have to admit, though I talk a lot about setting intention and creating from your core, maintaining an awareness of all the parts of my life and keeping them in balance is something I struggle with.

Based on a few conversations I’ve had recently, I’m thinking that mindful balance might be something that you guys find challenging as well, which is why I’ve developed today’s FREE worksheet: an Intentional Balance Inventory.

Yesterday, I did a little exercise with myself where I rated some important aspects of my life on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of how I thought I was doing with them. The only ones that were near 10 were Work and my Relationship. Interesting, I thought. Why am I placing a higher value on these two aspects and sacrificing in other aspects? Well, because…

We tend to focus on the areas that come most easily or naturally to us + the areas where we see the greatest return.

For example, I focus on work WAY too much because it’s work that I enjoy (ie. it comes naturally to me) but also because it brings me the greatest value in return (ie. money + the feeling that I’m making an impact.)

Same with my relationship. Jason and I live, work, travel, do everything together, so it’s easy to focus on what’s right in front of me every day, and when we’re in a good place it significantly contributes to my overall happiness.

BUT, what’s the problem with this system?

Unintentionally, by putting all my eggs in those baskets, other areas of my life might suffer. Health/Fitness, Family, Friends, our Home. It’s not that I’m neglecting these areas entirely, but if I pulled a bit of focus from Work and Jason to fill up these other buckets a bit, it’s likely that I’ll feel more fulfilled as a whole.

But it’s hard, right? Health/Fitness, for example, doesn’t come easily at all to me + it’s hard to see the return immediately. That’s why so many of us say screw it and just work more instead.

Well, I think if there was a way to be more intentional about balance and to keep ourselves accountable, we might try harder to spread the love around to the various aspects of our lives.

This Intentional Balance Inventory was created to help you rate where each aspect of your life currently sits (1-10), set a goal for where you want each aspect to be, and then it will allow you to write down one intentional action that you can keep track of on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to actually improve that aspect.

If you decided to download it, let me know how you like it. I’ll be printing it out and using it myself right along with you guys!

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