You Gotta Start Somewhere: The Ugly(ish) Evolution of Made Vibrant


How many times have you had an idea or wanted to create something but stalled because you wanted it to be perfect right out of the gate?

How many times have you seen someone else with a popular blog or thriving business and thought, “That’s what I should be aiming for.”

Okay, yes, it’s great to have a high standard for yourself. But sometimes when we see the success of other people, we forget that it didn’t happen overnight. That even those successful people had to start somewhere.

For instance, I remember the day I discovered Marie Forleo’s website. It seemed like she had thought of everything. Her presence was a well-oiled machine. The site was so simple and well-designed, but it still had personality. Her videos were produced with such quality. I want that, I thought. I just want my site to be that RIGHT NOW!

Because that’s what we do. We see where someone else is and we set that as our bar. Which, let’s be honest, can create a ton of pressure for us, sometimes preventing us from even starting something in the first place.

I can’t tell you how many creatives I’ve emailed with or talked to who are waiting for their brand or blog to be “perfect” before they launch. Heck, my last blog I designed and re-designed for SIX MONTHS before I let it see the light of day, so I can totally relate.

But we forget that we all have to start somewhere. And if we never start, we can’t get better.

One day when I was doing research about email newsletters, I decided I wanted to see what my girl Marie was doing with hers so I typed in my browser “” and is what I found (I hope her team doesn’t track me down and yell at me for sharing this…):

Not anything to scoff at by any means, but it doesn’t quite match the brand we have come to expect from her these days, right? It reminded me that even Marie herself has been an evolution.

That page encouraged me to remember:

We must give ourselves the space to evolve.

When people ask how I came up with Made Vibrant and created the brand, I have to remind them that it was actually years and years of learning about myself and honing my design skills through my first personal blog. There’s no way I would have come up with it out of thin air. We all have to start somewhere.

Anyway, to illustrate this point further and provide some evidence that it was a SLOW evolution for me, I thought it would be fun to include a timeline of events leading up to the Made Vibrant launch. For anyone that doesn’t know my winding path through the working world, it might be a helpful thing to take a look at.

Remember, you DON’T have to have it all figured out when you start. But you do have to actually START.

Now, prepare yourself for the ugly truth about my early days of blogging. I hope it shows you that it’s okay to start something when you have no idea where it will lead. It doesn’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. Enjoy!


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