FREE Printable Valentine's Day Card: DIY Mad Lib


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and – despite having been reminded every time you walked into to ANY major retail store since New Year’s Day – you may feel like the day crept up on you.

Fear not, though! I’m bringing you a FREE printable Valentine’s Day card that’s totally customizable to you. Last-minute card purchasers, rejoice!

Frankly I have major indecisiveness when it comes to picking out cards. Somehow I can never find one to say exactly what I want it to say. Too sappy or not sappy enough. Dumb humor or no humor at all. Now you get to choose exactly what sentiment you want!

Choose your favorite color palette (or print out multiple colors for multiple people!) and fill in the blanks on your own OR use my carefully crafted list of phrases and paste them on the card yourself!

Make one for your spouse, your friend, heck, even the "best darn barista this side of Candyland!" (Shout out to Jason’s imagination for helping me brainstorm some apt and not-so-apt phrases.)

** UPDATE: Due to popular request, I’ve added a classroom printable version for the kiddos at the end of this post, plus three additional colors of the adult Mad Lib card. Free with your email! Enjoy**

To make your own:

1. Print out the goods using the form below.

Depending on your printer settings, you may have to trim the edges with scissors. Don’t stress about making it perfectly straight – I designed the cards to have a “homemade” feel anyway, so even if you screw up, you can pretend it was on purpose. I always say "it’s not the straightness of your lines, but the thought that counts." (Note: I do not actually say that. That would be a really weird and completely random saying to throw at people.)

2. Cut out your favorite phrases from my selection.

Go the sentimental route or go the completely random route and tell your spouse they’re the best HAMSTER this side of J.LO’s BOOTY. Who wouldn’t love that card? (Well, my valentine would.)

3. Now paste your phrases OR fill in the blanks yourself with a pen.

This part is easy peasy!

4. Sign a message inside and give it to your valentine!

Boom! You're all set! Download your favorite color for FREE by popping in your email below!


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Bonus! Classroom Valentine Pack!

Enter your email and as a bonus you'll also receive the download link to this classroom DIY mad lib valentine. Just print out the sheets (as many as you like) and your kids can help you customize each one using the phrases I’ve provided or using phrases you come up with together! It’s a fun way to give each kid in their class a one-of-a-kind valentine, and it creates a fun activity since you get to fill in the blanks together!

Get Your Free Mad Lib Valentines!

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I hope you enjoy the activity and have a happy Valentine's Day!