Freebie Friday: Re-Defining Success Worksheet


Boy has it been a crazy week, friends!

I’ve been hard at work putting the final touches on my very first goodie to launch in the Made Vibrant Resource Shop: The Self-Made Guide to Connecting With Your Core.

Over the past year, I have experienced by far the most positive, radical shift in my life because I made the decision to stop living the life I thought I should be living, and instead start consciously cultivating a life based on my core values.

Now I want to help others experience that same shift by using this digital guide to share my intentional process for tuning in to my inner voice.

So what makes this guide different than your regular, run o’ the mill e-book? Well… (aside from the fact that it’s not boring), I have also included actionable, practical worksheets and exercises throughout the guide so that you can take the information I’ve written and apply it to your own unique situation.

On this last Freebie Friday before the big launch, I thought I’d share with you one of those worksheets straight from the guide!

The entire guide is a 94-page PDF with 10 different worksheets and 4 exercises. This excerpt worksheet comes to you from a section in the guide called Embracing Individuality and it’s all about defining success on your own terms. A huge part of forging a own path that is in alignment with who you really are is letting go of whatever preconceived notions you have about success.

Considering how vastly different we are as people, it’s a little silly to think that we should all have the same metrics for success. The “Success” that so many of us have been taught is largely a facade. Buckets of money, fancy possessions, awards, notoriety, the ability to retire while we’re young… are those things that will ultimately make us happy in our day to day lives? And if we do decide we want them, what are we going to have to give up in the process?

This worksheet will help you break down some of the beliefs you have about success and redefine what it means to you based on how you want to feel. It will help you set new measures of success based around what is individually valuable to you.

As I even write this, I think about the fact that I’m contributing to my own unique definition of success. To me, success means continuing to make things that have a positive impact on other people (and, yes, to make enough money to live comfortably while I do it.)

Take a look at the worksheet below, and give it a download if you want to explore what success could look like for you.

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Self-Made Society will get the skinny on the entire creative guide launch before it goes live on Tuesday, so if it sounds like something you might be interested in, I encourage you to join us!

Have a fabulous + VIBRANT weekend!

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