Pop-Up Print: Dreamcatcher


Last Sunday afternoon, we were driving back from a delicious brunch on a perfect day, and as I peered out my rolled down window, I saw this quirky 60′s camper drive past us with a small dreamcatcher hanging from its rear view mirror.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking a ton about our roadtrip across the Southwest, but I keep seeing little signs like that and it gets me all excited for our trip (leaving Friday, by the way.)

But as I sat on the passenger side smiling at this tiny trinket, I started really thinking about that word “dreamcatcher” for a minute. I know the dreamcatcher traditionally has more to do with keeping bad dreams away – not the idea of pursuing your dreams – but I started considering what the word might mean in the case of your goals, your dreams for your life.

Dreamcatcher. What a novel idea, I thought.

So often we think of dreams as these nebulous images of our future laid out in our heads. Theres a meditative, passive quality to the idea of dreams. But the word CATCH… now THERE’s a word I can get behind. The idea of actually catching a dream would suggest that dreams are elusive creatures – that you can’t snag them without effort or action on your part. Which is exactly how I feel.

If there's one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it’s that dreams don’t happen if you don’t go out and catch them.

So I decided to make a print that commemorated that thought. Well I guess it resonated with you guys because I got a lot of positive feedback on it through InstagramFacebook and through my email. Because of that, I’m making this hand-lettered print available for purchase TODAY ONLY (Wednesday, March 5th) so that I can spend tomorrow printing them and packaging them up before we hit the road Friday. (FREE shipping in the US and $5 Flat Shipping to Canada.)


So… be sure and grab yours before 12pm EST tonight! After that it’s gone forever!

This piece is one of my absolute favorites, and I hope it finds tons of happy homes with you dream chasers. Thank you for continuing to support my art, and thanks for being like-minded individuals always striving to be the best versions of yourselves. It’s truly inspiring.

And remember, it won’t happen if you don’t MAKE it happen.

Happy Wednesday!

ps. I hope you’ll consider sharing this print with a few friends if you think they’d appreciate it! That would be pretty darn awesome of you.


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