Freebie Friday: Fun & Fit Health Trackers

Freebie Friday is back, worksheet lovers!

If you're a member of Self-Made Society, than you know that recently Jason and I have decided to make a real commitment to improving our health and fitness. 

But, how do you stay accountable with a big lifestyle change? How do you make sure you succeed instead of just falling back to the "I'll start working out next week" routine?

Well, everyone's wired differently, but for us we realized it boils down to two things: building momentum and making healthy choices as easy as possible

With both of us being entrepreneurs, sometimes it was easy for us to neglect things like eating healthy or working out by telling ourselves it took time away from our businesses. BUT by doing things like meal planning, now we're realizing that we're actually gaining time back in our schedules (rather than going four rounds of the ol' "What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?" "I don't know... what do YOU want to eat for dinner tonight..." game!)

So, one way that I get myself excited for things that aren't necessarily that fun (hey, working out is not fun YET, okay!) is I break out my markers and I make colorful, vibrant lists for things! 

There was some great feedback on Instagram for my colorful meal planning /health tracker worksheets, so I thought this week I'd offer them up as free downloads! 

Just click through to the Resource Shop, pop in your email addy, and you'll be able to download 2 printable versions of these three worksheets: the Meal Options Worksheet, Meal Calendar Worksheet, AND the Accountability Tracker Worksheet. Print them out in black & white (which you can color in yourself - my favorite!) or in the color versions with the Made Vibrant colors! 

I hope you guys find them helpful if you need to start upping your own health & fitness game!

Happy Friday!


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