Introducing Made Vibrant


Holy guacamole, y’all. It’s 2am and I’m gonna be honest with ya, I’m running on fumes right now.

The last few drops of my 9pm coffee ran out about an hour ago, and in a moment of desperation I snuck into the kitchen downstairs and shoved a handful (okay, two handfuls) of dark chocolate chips into my mouth hoping the trace amounts of caffeine would carry me through. But I’m totally ignoring the exhaustion because as I sit right now, I’m typing this post to you all on my brand new blog which is part of my brand new brand (ignore that redundancy) and holy crap after two months of endless excitement and self-doubt and coding classes and deciding I’m the best-worst client ever… IT’S REALLY REAL.

I promise I’ll get into the whole brand and this-is-what-you-can-expect-from-this-blog bit sometime soon, but for now I’d like to simply introduce you to the recipient of almost every inch of my love, frustration, pride, creativity and self-discipline for the past two months:

Back in November, after a few months of really giving the whole full-time freelance designer gig a go, it became clear to me that I had outgrown my current digital home(s).

My portfolio site ( was great for displaying some of the work that I had done, but it didn’t speak to what I feel sets me apart as a designer and it did a terrible job of expressing what the experience of working with me would be like to prospective clients.

My blog ( was laying pretty much dormant because I didn’t look forward to sharing inspiration or updates in a place that no longer reflected my personality or my aesthetic. Not to mention these two separate entities felt very disjointed, and with even more projects on the horizon, I knew I needed a “creative hub” of sorts to bring a connective thread to these various outlets.

I wanted something completely original that felt unmistakably ME. Over the past year I feel like I’ve done a lot of evolving, and I now feel more “myself” than I ever have before. I remember saying to myself at one point that it felt as though I was living in full color. Like someone had turned up the vibrance on my life.

And there it was. That word… VIBRANT.

Again, more on that another time, but for now I hope you’ll check out the three-headed monster that is Made Vibrant – browse through projects on my new design studio site, A Studio Made Vibrant; sign up to receive updates about my first original product I’m releasing this Spring (yay for my next adventure!) at A Shop Made Vibrant; and of course, poke around here on A Blog Made Vibrant. I’m hoping to post several times a week moving forward, so I hope you’ll check back often.

For updates moving forward on all things Made Vibrant, like us on Facebook or follow me onTwitter and Instagram (expect daily hand-lettering goodness for my 365-day creative project #dailycreate2014.)

Thanks for all your support friends, and if you see any bugs across the sites (this includes typos! Like I said I’m a little delirious and all the words are starting to run together…) I would appreciate it if you’d email me!


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