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I’ve been dreaming and scheming about opening up my own online shop for a LONG time now.

But if I’m going to do it, I want it to really represent me. I want to bring people like you beautiful things that add color and vibrance to everyday life. Which means… a lot of planning!

But recently while I was working on developing one of these products, I realized I just couldn’t wait to get my art out into the world. This first phase has been about discovering my personal style, but this next phase is about taking that leap and sharing it with people.

So I decided I wanted to offer a way for people to buy some of my prints in the mean time, without needing the time or manpower to manage a full-time shop quite yet.

Introducing… “Pop-up Prints!” Think of it like a pop-up shop… but not.  These pop-up prints will allow me to sell digital prints of some of my favorite pieces in EXTREMELY LIMITED quantities for EXTREMELY LIMITED periods of time. This time around I’ll only be selling 10 prints (10!) to ensure that I can print, package and send with the love and care that I hope to bring to my full-time shop someday.

So if this particular print resonates with you, and you can still see the button below, that means there are still prints available and you should take advantage before they get snatched up!

*Note: Frame is not included. (But I purchased it at Target for $2.50 so… I’m thinking you might be able to swing it.) 


A little more about the piece:

This print is actually based on a hand-lettered, 3-ft tall canvas I created for our home office. It’s honestly one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done because of the sentiment behind it.

There have been so many times in life that I was afraid to take action. I would plan or dream or say “tomorrow” but never turned insight into action. I can honestly say that the moment I decided to stop wishing and start creating is the moment that everything changed for me. That’s what this piece is about.

I guess in a way it’s especially fitting that this is my first pop-up print because putting my art out there in this way is an example of taking action – of getting closer to my dream.

Each digital print is 8.5″x11″, hand-lettered and digitally colored, printed on heavy-weight cardstock – perfect for framing OR just taping up with washi tape. They’re available for purchase at $20 each (shipping is FREE!) and after I sell out, that’s it! They’re gone!

To get yours, just click to button below and buy with a credit card through Gumroad – completely secure and super easy to use. 3 clicks and it’s all yours!


Thank you to everyone that has supported my art. To get early access to future pop-up prints, sign up for my shop updates here: A Shop Made Vibrant.


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