Freebie Friday: Emergency Mood Booster


We’ve all had one of THOSE DAYS, haven’t we?

The ones where it just all seems to be going downhill right from the get go. Spilled coffee, flat tire, angry boss, ambiguous-but-ominous text message from the cute guy/girl you went out with last week… whatever it is, sometimes it can throw your mood off for an entire day.

This happened to me recently, but since I’m always trying to integrate intention into my life in as many ways as possible, I thought for this week’s Freebie Friday, we could do something a little different.

This week I’ve created for you an Emergency Mood Booster worksheet.

It’s a fun way for you to basically create a small arsenal of mood-boosting weapons, only to be used on the awful-est of days.

Like a First-Aid Kit of sorts, but for your soul.

Write down your go-to happy song (coincidentally I’d recommend “Happy” by Pharrell… unless you’ve heard it a jillion times on the radio and you’re already over it) or just write down that one place you know you can go after work to shake it off. Hopefully this little list of mood boosters will be a place you can turn next time you have one of “those days.”

Take a look at the preview below – I’ve added some fun illustrations for you guys!

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