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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! (Any Shakespeare fans in the house? No? Okay…) Today’s a big day for Made Vibrant because I’m officially launching my weekly newsletter!

Well.. technically I guess I launched it last week because I’m terrible at waiting for things I’m excited for and I just couldn’t hellllllp myself. For those of you with a knack for details, you may have noticed a little sign up box I’ve been testing out at the bottom of some of my posts. (And thank you to those of you who already signed up!)

I’ve been wanting to develop a weekly newsletter for a while now, but I was pretty certain that I didn’t want it to just regurgitate my blog posts. I wanted it to truly bring you guys value and be something you look forward to.

And let me just say I’m like… irrationally excited. No one, I mean NO ONE, should be this excited about a newsletter. But I am! Why? Because helping people gets me fired up.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that sometimes needs someone to give me swift kick in the pants. Or a hug. Or to hold up a nice big mirror so I can take a good look at myself and acknowledge what’s going on in my life.

I want to be that person for you.

For a long time I’ve felt the inescapable need to teach. To help people. To share stories and lessons from my own life in the hope that they serve as encouragement for others. And also to connect with people. This is my chance to do all of that!

My goal with “Your Life Made Vibrant” is to help people discover what makes them truly come alive and to determine how best to unleash their gifts on the world. I believe when you start listening to your inner voice and serving your soul, something magical happens: you’re happier, more successful (whatever success means to you) and you contribute more positivity to the world.

This newsletter is my way of creating a community to do just that!

So what can you expect?

Intention mixed with execution.

Each week I’ll bring you a different focus – an area of your life to become more intentional about – plus a small weekly to-do to execute on that intention. It’s a small change that you can make to your life to see how it might impact you in a positive way.

Plus… and this is the part I’m super excited about!!… I’ll include a hand-lettered printable that I will not share anywhere else! Not on this blog, not on Instagram, not on Facebook – it’s just for the newsletter community!

It’s for you to print out and hang in your office, tape to your bathroom mirror, by your bed, on your fridge. Wherever you might need a reminder to make intentional change in your life.

I’m telling you, you will be amazed by what you can do in your life when you just try. And I’m here to be your guide.

What do ya say, are you in? Still curious?

Check out a small bit from this morning’s email below. If you decide to sign up any time today only, I’ll send you this morning’s full email so you won’t miss a thing!

Here’s to making our lives more vibrant! Let’s unleash those gifts on the world and live lives of intention and purpose – plus have crazy amounts of fun doing it!

Happy Monday,


A quick excerpt from Your Life Made Vibrant (sign up below or click here!)

Before we kick off the work week, I want to talk to you for a second about opportunity.

Not necessarily life’s big opportunities – ya know, job offers, traveling the world, huge collabs (that’s what cool people call collaborations…)

No, this week I want to talk about tiny opportunities. Those moments in life that offer up such subtle and seemingly insignificant doors that most days you probably blow right past them.

But first, a quick story. Actually, to be more specific, a quick looooovvve story. (So very Valentine’s Day of me, I know.)

To get the rest of the story… sign up for the newsletter below!


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