Pop-Up Print: On Purpose


Perk up, people… it’s FRIIIIDAYYY!

That’s right! Not only do you get the sweet satisfaction of Saturday right around the corner, but you also get a one-day offer I cooked up just for you!

A couple weeks ago you guys TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND by helping me sell out my very first print sale. (Okay, I get it… the prints were limited to 10… but I’m all about the little victories. You should know that by now.)

So today I’m back with a sequel! (Not like a Speed 2: Cruise Control sequel… like an Iron Man 2 sequel. Obviously.) I’m making my second print available for sale for a limited time only!

There were a few people that reached out to me last time who didn’t get to purchase a print, and while I desperately wanted to oblige, I’m a woman of my word so I declined and kept the total at 10.

This time though, it’s a NO LIMITS TEXAS HOLDEM sale because I’ll sell as many of these bad boys as you, my generous friends and readers, want to purchase. HOWEVER (you knew it was coming, right?) I’m only going to make the print available today, (Friday, February 21st!) Then it goes back in the vault Classic Disney-style and never comes back out. (Harsh, I know. Just think, there’s a print out there waiting for you to SAVE IT FROM THE VAULT. Click the big button below and you’re basically a hero…<< Weirdest sales pitch ever? Maybe.)


A little more about this print…

I’m a second-guesser by nature. Maybe it’s a creative complex or some deep-rooted childhood issue… who knows. All I know is that when I was designing my personal brand, Made Vibrant, there were moments where things didn’t come together just the way I had envisioned them and I was convinced that everyone coming across the site would instantly detect those flaws.

Then I realized something pretty important. NOBODY knows what it was supposed to look like in your head. The only person who knows that is YOU (er… me, in this case.) So why the heck not act like it’s on purpose?

Self-doubt is an awful, nagging feeling, and I don’t know about you, but I could certainly do without that negativity ringing in my ear. Silence those voices by making an intentional change to project confidence in your head and in your life.

If you’re a second-guesser like me and need an occasional reminder to make that change, this print is for you. A simple but powerful statement encouraging you to walk or make or do with your head held a little higher.

Get yours below! (Plus the first 10 to buy get an extra special something from me!)



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