Freebie Friday: Social Media Sanity Mini-Guide


One of the biggest struggles I face as a soulful creative trying to build my business is knowing when and how to use social media as a tool for self-promotion.

Since our road trip back in March, I have an entirely new perspective on social media. I’m now hyper aware of its ability to pull us out of the present, to make us dependent upon the validation (read: “likes”) of other people, and to perpetuate the “comparison complex” that creates self-doubt.

However… I also know this: Facebook + Pinterest are my single greatest traffic referral sources. Instagram is the best way for me to attract hand-lettering enthusiasts for my art. Twitter allows me to connect with people from my newsletter and those that share my blog posts.

The fact that I find social media so exhausting AND so vital at the same time is a source of immense dissonance when it comes to running my business authentically.

When you’re trying to build a brand and you know that each post, east photo, each like, has the potential to grow your audience, how do make peace with walking away from it to simply – oh I don’t know – enjoy real life?

I was discussing this topic just the other week with my best friend and fellow entrepreneur, Leah Lou, when I realized this isn’t just something I struggle with – it’s something we all struggle with as soulful creatives.

After doing a good bit of pondering, I realized that I think the key to maintaining a healthy balance is intention (isn’t it always…)

It’s looking within and asking Okay, how much time am I really willing to devote to these outlets and what is my goal for each?

Once you’ve set a bar that you’re comfortable with and that’s on YOUR terms, you can rest easier knowing that even though you’re not spending each waking hour managing your online presence, you’re doing it in a way that aligns with YOUR values. You’re living from your inner core and not from what you think you SHOULD be doing (as tempting as it is.)

This week I’ve created a custom Social Media Sanity mini-guide for members of Self-Made Society to dive into this very thing. It’s a four-page PDF + worksheet to get you thinking about how social media contributes to your business, brand or blog.

If you’re looking for help in setting intention around social media, this is the guide for you. It will help you think critically about which platforms to go all-in on, which to put on the back burner, and how to develop intentional goals for each so that you’re no longer feeling the pressure to keep up with every network under the sun.

You can check out a preview in the image above. To get the goods, just click the button below and “pay” with your email address (don’t worry, it’s FREE!) It will sign you up for Self-Made Society and you’ll get awesome resources like this delivered straight to your inbox from here on out!

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I’m curious, what do you think about social media as a promotion tool? Do you find it exhausting? Do you always feel like you should be doing MORE? I’m curious! Let me know on Twitter. Tweet me @ckelso with your thoughts!


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