The Business Bar and Made Vibrant Team Up!

Image credit: The Business Bar

Image credit: The Business Bar

There's been a lot of exciting news around these parts lately!

Clients launching websites, a trip to NY to teach a hand-lettering workshop, and in case ya missed it... we're moving to San Diego!

There's just something about the transition from summer to fall I think that gets the wheels turning and things start falling together. (Perhaps it's that old academic part of me that I can't shake - it feels like I'm back in school and ready to work!)

One of these exciting things has to do with my amazing and dear friend, Jordan Brantley. Jordan is a design powerhouse with a passion for helping small businesses thrive. After nearly a year of dreaming and scheming and preparing, she finally launched her company The Business Bar last night to a packed house at Brew Five Points. 

So... how does Made Vibrant fit into all this? 

Well, while The Business Bar team provides creative services for small businesses, it also sells in-depth, thoughtful resources to help grow those businesses. Jordan asked me to write two workbooks for the shop, one for Naming Your Business and the other for Developing a Blog Content Strategy

Both workbooks are filled with content I've developed over time working with clients and writing my own blog since 2011. 

If you're a small business owner, or even a blogger or entrepreneur, swing by the shop, give it a look, and use the code "CAROLINE" to get $15 your first purchase! 

Visit The Business Bar Shop

So happy to work with such talented friends. If you're interested in teaming up on something, shoot me an email and let's make it happen!