This Picture, That Pattern: Orange You Glad

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Since starting my Daily Create project on January 1st, I’ve kept the style and focus pretty squarely on lettering.

However, this month I wrapped up a small illustration project for a stylist friend of mine, Leah Lou, and her new YouTube channel BlondiBruni. (Check out BlondiBruni’s delightfully authentic and light-hearted videos on beauty, wellness and fashion here! Talk about being your vibrant selves – these ladies are the poster children!)

After that project I got the itch to dust off my Wacom Tablet and continuing honing my digital art skills. That curiosity has also planted in me a current fascination with patterns! And – spoiler alert – patterns might just play a fun role in an upcoming shop product I’m currently working on! (Sign up for updates here if you want to be the first to know about that goodness headed your way soon.)

For fun I thought I’d take an inspiration image and simply translate it into a fun pattern to share as a free download here on the blog! Below is the first installment. Just download the pattern tile, define your pattern in Photoshop, save and enjoy!


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