This Picture, That Pattern 03: Happy Stitches


As far as domestic skills go, if cooking is a work in progress for me, sewing is an exercise in futility. The whole thing is just way over my head.

When I was about eight, they opened a JOANN Fabrics by my house, and I begged my mom to take me in and buy me some fabric so I could “sew an outfit.” After chopping up about three yards of the cheapest cotton dolphin fabric you’ve ever seen with my safety scissors, it became clear to me that attempting to stitch the seams together didn’t interest me in any way. So in order to realize my grand vision of a super-chic dolphin V-neck and shorts (yeah, I basically invented the romper), I decided to hot glue the seams together instead. (I still can’t figure out why my mother forbid me to wear that outfit to camp.)

That pretty well sums up my relationship with a needle and thread. But, I digress.

I’m still super impressed with people that can call this a skill, and I love all things that look hand-stitched be it sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, etc. (Probably because it’s so foreign to me.)

So when I saw this image on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I was instantly drawn to it.

I love the irregular pattern of stitches and the simplicity of the hot pink crosses. Something about it just makes me so happy! I decided to make a pattern that evoked the same cheery imperfection, and I’m in love with the final product! I would totally plaster this across notebooks, thank you cards, fabric – you name it!

Until that happens, feel free to download it below as a desktop, iPhone or iPad wallpaper! Hope it brings a little happiness to you this Tuesday!


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