Issuing A One-Week Challenge: Inspiration Fasting

Image source: unknown. Please let me know in the comments if you know who took this beautiful photo! Found on Pinterest.)

Image source: unknown. Please let me know in the comments if you know who took this beautiful photo! Found on Pinterest.)

Here’s the problem with living in a world with instant access to just about anything we want through the interwebs: It trains us to look outside for inspiration instead of inside.

I know I’m guilty of this all the time.

Need to develop a logo? Head to dribbble to look for visual inspiration.

Want to create a new blog graphic? Check your Pinterest boards for the design du jour.

Looking to develop an email newsletter? Subscribe to ten so you can see what the industry leaders are up to.

Whoa, talk about inspiration overload. There are basically a million places we can go to see work that isn’t ours.

I KNOW that I want to be the one and only me. But what can I say… it’s hard to resist checking out what other people are doing.

Whether it’s to save time and energy by learning from someone else’s best practices, or whether it’s just to avoid that awkward feeling of showing up to the cocktail party in the wrong attire, we can’t help it.

But lately I feel like my voice and vision have been drowning in the sea of inspiration. I’m finding it harder to recognize my original thoughts, especially when it comes to the evolution of my personal brand and my business.

SO, today I’m issuing a challenge to myself and TO YOU, should you choose to accept: a one-week inspiration fast for one aspect of your life or your business.

For me, it’s going to be blog content.

That means for this entire week, I won’t be reading my favorite blogs or looking to my online business mentors for help or idea starters or even best practices. I’ll simply be doing what I feel is best for the content here and for the future of this space. I want to follow the road map laid out by my instincts for a little while and see where that takes me.

For you, maybe you’re working on designing your own blog so you’re going to avoid coveting the designs of other blogs for a week. Maybe you’re a writer so you’re going to swear off reading for the week in lieu of writing more.

It definitely won’t be easy, but I think we need to start training ourselves to look within for inspiration, not without.

I’m curious… do you struggle with this inspiration overload? Do you find it tempting to model your creative pursuits (writing, design, business strategy, etc.) after someone else?

Let me know if you’re IN in the comments below and we can fast together! At the very least I’ll report back on how it all plays out next week.

Happy Monday!


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