Proud To Have Worked With These Fine People

I've had the pleasure of working with some pretty awesome people since Made Vibrant opened its doors, including world-changing hammockers, salad dressing makers, startups, bloggers, restauranteurs, stylists and everything in between. The thing they all have in common is a desire to share their passions through well-designed, authentic branding.

Logo design, Web design

Teachery is a platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses in a beautifully designed, simple way. We created a simple, distinctive logo that would allow this startup to express its relatable, easy-to-use approach to online course building. I also designed their sales page to encourage new sign ups. 

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“Caroline was super awesome to work with on every level. The Teachery brand has been infused with a life and vibrancy that exceeded my expectations. An additional bonus for us developer types, she also delivered the most comprehensive and orderly assets I have ever received, making implementation fast and easy.”

— Gerlando Piro, Co-Founder of Teachery

Coach DJ

Logo Design

DJ came to me wanting a modern, professional logo that would help identify him as a career transition coach. DJ’s personality is upbeat and energetic, and I wanted his logo to reflect his vibe and the vibe of his business. We decided to go with a “badge” style treatment on his logomark to subtlely evoke that sense of sports or of camp and reinforce the idea of a coach or guide. The arrows on the mark indicate the change in career his clients are experiencing, but the way they embrace the briefcase reflects DJ's passion for helping people and his friendly approach.

Jason Does Stuff

Branding, Web Design, Web Development

The challenge here was to unify Jason’s various entrepreneurial endeavors under one consistent brand and in one digital home. After exploring Jason’s motivations, we discovered that what sets him apart and the connective thread through his various projects was is his unwavering ability to take action and turn ideas into reality. 

From this inspiration, I developed branding that was crisp and typography-driven to reflect Jason’s to-the-point approach to business, and incorporated a color palette that has a professional, masculine edge but with some bright, unexpected colors as well. I designed a website consistent with his business goals (to make his public speaking more visible and attract new email subscribers) and developed it using the Wordpress platform. 

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“Caroline has a skill set that’s rare in a “designer.” I put the word designer in quotes, because it doesn’t begin to accurately describe her abilities and talents. Not only can she push pixels around (design) with the best of them, but she also has the uncanny skill of diving into your business with you and helping you find important themes and problems you might not have noticed. She’s the best branding person I’ve ever worked with and saw changes that needed to be made with my business and brand that a standard designer would never have noticed. You get what you pay for with Caroline, and that is quite simply a unicorn of design and branding.”

— Jason Surfrapp,

Leah Lou

Branding, Web Design, Illustration

Leah Lou is a style empowerment consultant who works with dynamic, driven women to give them a renewed sense of confidence in their closet and their personal sense of style. Leah and I worked together to build a brand that captures her bold, playful personality complemented with a chic and fresh edge. We also gave her website an overhaul to incorporate more of her vibrant spirit, and to better explain the benefit of the services she offers.   

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“Talk about using their talents and accentuating yours! Caroline is thoughtful, detail-oriented, and a creative mastermind. She genuinely seeks to understand you and works alongside you to build and elevate a visual representation of your business. She is fun, clever, and truly, well...vibrant!”

— Leah Lou, Leah Lou Style

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Branding, Web Design, Illustration

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a mission-driven company selling hammocks that are 100% handwoven by hill-tribe artisans in rural Thailand. They approached me with a desire to do a complete brand overhaul. We worked together to create a brand that is fresh, positive, outdoorsy, and relatable while maintaining the subtle air of sophistication that’s necessary to convey their high-quality craftsmanship.

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“We came to Caroline with a tough set of challenges— she tackled each one with creativity and ingenuity, meeting all of our needs. Throughout the entire project, she was incredibly reliable and communicated her timeline and schedule so we were never left wondering when we would see the next milestone in our inbox. Her positive attitude, team-oriented approach and teflon-like ability to take client feedback and use it to drive forward is absolutely amazing. Caroline offered flexibility to help us make design decisions on our own terms. She isn’t married to her artistic vision at the expense of your idea, but she will give solid, balanced feedback when she feels strongly about a particular decision.

She consistently went above + beyond to help us achieve our dream outcome and her talent + professionalism helped us take our project to the next level. It was amazing to know that Caroline felt as passionately about the outcome of our project as I did — she was there on the late nights working with me. Throughout the entire project, I felt so much confidence because I knew that our vision and goals were aligned— and that Caroline had the creativity, drive and talent to make my wildest dreams into the brand I am proud to show off today!”

— Rachel Connors, Yellow Leaf Hammocks

B Storytelling

Logo design

B Storytelling's mission is to help B Corporations share their unique stories with the world. Julie from B Storytelling wanted a logo that would marry elements of professionalism and dynamic, creative storytelling. 

“It was like Caroline had performed Inception! She knew exactly what I was looking for in my logo. And, after working with four other graphic designers who flaked out or didn’t get it, Caroline was a breath of fresh air. She responded quickly to my ideas and phone calls, offered me last minute help and really listened to what I wanted in my brand. I love my logo and so do my clients!”

— Julie Fahnestock, BStorytelling

Endless Summer Friends & Foods 

Branding, Illustration, Web design

Endless Summer Friends & Foods sells gourmet salad dressings with fresh herbs and high-quality ingredients. The ladies of Endless Summer Friends wanted their branding to reflect a family, homemade feel, while still having a modern edge to emphasize the quality of their ingredients.

An Honest Day's Work

Branding, Web design

An Honest Day’s Work was a personal project to be featured at One Spark 2013, a crowdfunding festival in Jacksonville, FL. The idea was to build a site that would document the daily work days of people in order to create a database of real work experiences, helping to educate those in the job hunt of what a position really entails and bridging the gap between job expectations and job reality. 

Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship 

Illustration, Hand-Lettering

The Jax Truckies Food Truck Championship is an annual event held to crown Jacksonville's tastiest food truck. I was commissioned to do a hand illustrated poster and billboard promoting the event.

Young And Rad

Illustration, Lettering

Young and Rad is an online kids' apparel company with fun and colorful designs. They reached out to me to hand illustrate some fun shirt designs and to create a colorful slider for their home page. 

**Photo credit: Young And Rad**