Wouldn't it be nice if you could stop worrying SO MUCH about money?

Wouldn't it be nice to work on the creative projects you WANT to work on without the fear of not being able to support yourself financially?

Even better, what if you could wake up every single morning to discover that money had been deposited in your bank account overnight... all because you decided to share your passions with the world?

Thanks to the power of online courses, all of these scenarios are well within your reach.

In this self-paced, highly affordable course, I'm going to walk you through every step of the process to get your first online course created and launched. 


Teach your way to financial security and creative freedom with Your First E-Course.


What's Included:

  • 10 Lessons taking you through the basics of building & launching your course
  • 20 videos total, including screencasts showing you how to record your lessons, edit them using iMovie, upload them using Wistia or YouTube, and publish them in a consolidated course hub using the course platform Teachery
  • One month of course platform, Teachery, FREE only for students of Your First E-Course -- a $49 value which recoups the entire cost of the course!

Here's What You'll Learn...

Part One:
Creating Your Course

This first part of the course has six video lessons to get your course idea out of your head and into a presentable course format. Learn strategies for organizing your course and producing your course media.


Lesson One:
Choosing Your Topic

Lesson Two:
Planning Your Course Content

Lesson Three:
Writing Your Course Content

Lesson Four:
Styling Your Course

Lesson Five:
Producing Your Course Media

Lesson Six:
Building Your Course Hub

Part Two:
Selling Your Course

Part Two of Your First E-Course is all about what to do once your course is created. Learn how to develop a promotion plan and to strategize your launch.


Lesson One:
Packaging & Pricing

Lesson Two:
Designing Your Sales Page

Lesson Three:
Promoting Your Course

Lesson Four:
Launching Your Course

Step-By-Step Screencast Tutorials Teaching You The Tools You Need
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.32.48 PM.png

How to edit your lesson presentations so they're polished and professional

How to create a course hub using Teachery & connect your bank account to get PAID

How to upload your video lessons to a host and embed the player in each lesson


"Seriously? Only $20?! What's the catch?" 

Yes, seriously! No catch whatsoever!

My interest is not in making as much money as possible with this course. My interest is in making this information as accessible as possible to as many people as possible because I believe that e-courses have the ability to create sustainable income for artists, makers, and people with gifts to share.

The more people there are in this world who believe they have something to teach — something that truly has the power to support them financially — the more people there will be sharing their gifts and making our planet a more beautiful, more creatively rich place. That’s my sole purpose in sharing this information at such an affordable price. 


About The Course Creator


It was a little over a year ago that I found myself itching to steer my business away from solely surviving on service-based work. As a freelance designer and artist, I was trading time for money, stifled by the constant hunt for where that next client would come from.

Then something magical happened.

I recognized a growing desire in my community for an encouraging, fun, affordable hand-lettering resource, which led me to create my first online course in October of 2014. That small $20 course -- along with the addition of a branding course which launched in spring of 2015 -- has brought my business over $90,000 in revenue, allowing me to finally start building the creative business that I only could have dreamed about one short year ago. Now it's my goal to share what I've learned about online courses with the artists, makers, and creatives of the world, in the hope that more people can stop trading their time for money and share their gifts in a meaningful (and profitable) way.


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